About Us

AbyssNaut is a French based company created in 2003 that develop and operate tools for special underwater projects as well as formulating dedicated maintenance products for diving.

AbyssNaut Distribution Services (A.D.S). is responsible for the distribution of products and services from AbyssNaut

 Its team is composed of engineers, every one of them is a diver. AbyssNaut has partnership with high technology companies and research teams.

Our team :

Elodie LECHOPIER (wife Bérenguer) : joint manager, industrial biologie engineer R&D, French EBI graduate in 2002. Professionnal diver level I.

Jérôme BERENGUER : joint manager, chef engineer, integrated systems for hyperbaric environment, professional diver level II.

Alexandre RICOME : sales manager. Professional diver level III.


Our field of activity

One of AbyssNauts peculiarity is to propose tailor made solution for specific needs and demands organized according 3 fields of activities.

To develop and formulate maintenance products dedicated to diving equipment, nautical equipment and sport apparels.

All AbyssNaut disinfections formulas are tested according to AFNOR standards and are available to both professionals divers and leisure divers. The SeptiOne Nitrox range as even been selected by the French Navy and has of a NATO number.

All AbyssNaut disinfecting products are conform to the new French Sport Act date 5th January 2012 that renders mandatory a mouthpiece disinfection for each diver using the same equipment. 

In addition to disinfection products, we have now available a huge range of high performance maintenance products for very peculiar applications: anti-fog, degreasers, lubricants (greases and oils compatible with pure oxygen).

The AbyssNaut range is used to maintain diving equipments of divers of the French infantry (Arméé de Terre), the French Marine (Marine nationale) as well as lot of Fire Brigades, Water Police, GIGN, SNSM… All AbyssNaut products are formulated and packed in France and are also available to foreign countries.

Special hyperbaric activities


- Integrated system for hyperbaric environment, work and maintenance of thermoplastics in underwater environment.

Our skills are internationally renown. One of our innovation has even been patented in 2015, this is a machine able to renovate PMMA panels in underwater environment.

Our on-line shops

AbyssNaut is a manufacturer of maintenance products as well as lighting systems.

All AbyssNaut products are manufactured in France


Our shop for private individuals is open to everyone.

- Our shop for pros with discounted prices and specialy developped products for pros is open to clubs schools and underwater works companies.

- Shop for our dealers grant access to our complete range (private and pros) with special prices.

Access to both shops is granted after approval of log in.


Shipping is made by : ColiPoste, DPD or Ziegler.

Secured payment through La Caisse d’Epargne (système SPPLUS) or via Paypal.

Wholesaler can benefit from special prices, please contact us for further information.