Underwater polishing

Renovation of acrylic panels (PMMA) in big aquariums

Since 2003, engineers of the AbyssNaut team have developed machines and process to renovate and maintain PMMA panels in both underwater environments and out of water.

With time, micro scratches tend to appears on the surface of the panel, these are followed by more deep ones. These represent anchor point for seaweeds, which make cleaning processes more difficult. Transparency is also impacted.

Our process allows to recover a perfect quality and surface transparency. These missions are done by our professional divers, all are master in the field of aquarium diving and are helped by our own biology engineer. Biotope safety is further guaranty by the skill and experience of our team.

In 2015, after 12 years unmatched experience in this field, AbyssNaut applies for a patent for a remote controlled machine using new state of the art process. This allows to further improve polishing performances, shorten operation time and diminish human presence in the pool.

A very fine polishing is made using liquid non toxic abrasives that are not rejected in the pool, with constant abrasion and continuous parameters control.

Look for a new web site about this activity in the forthcoming weeks.

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