VulkeMax Twin 25ml

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  • Brand: AbyssNaut
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VulkeMax Twin is based on brand new state of the art polymers possessing very high elastic extrem mechanical properties after polymerization.


This bi-component glue allows to stick materials with very different coefficients of expansion such as metal on glass.

It creates very strong bounds on neoprene, foams, heavy duty latex, almost all kind of rubbers, PVC, and on plastics such as PP, PE, POM…

- Scubadiving: repair of neoprene clothes, preparation and repair of drysuits, accessories assembling…

- Watertightness sealing of boxes, connections, and all kind of underwater systems…

- Gluing, assembling, joints potting of anti-vibration system, composite materials, deformable elements, sealings, fixation, molding of parts…


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